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Whilst trying to compile some C code from a GNU open source project I came across these. A couple of MAKE utilities designed to run under Windows.

 NMake 1.4;en-us;Q132084

GNU Make v3.75

Having been brought up in a Microsoft environment Apache has always remained a bit of a mystery. Kind of a black art, something that's there and just runs. Ashamed of my ignorance I decided to delve around into the fascinating world of Apache and Tomcat to try and understand the technology a little better. It was in doing so I came across Java Server Pages (JSP) and Java Servlet technology again. These too have always eluded me, something I saw reserved for the realms of the super-intelligent. Courtesy of Google I went off on various tangents researching these strange new technologies and decided to document my findings for reading later. Note : Very much a work in progress :-)

Earlier today I was trying to add some php_value's to my .htaccess file to automatically append ( php_value auto_prepend_file ) some files to my PHP scripts, unfortunately it turns out my host has not allowed this feature, but it set me off on a tangent reading all about the humble .htaccess file.  

I've rarely used this file. On odd occasions to implement secure directories but other than that I've not really looked at it, but after reading some of these articles it's a pretty powerful file. I was intrigued by the abililty to ban "hot linking",  bad bots and site rippers simply using this file. As a result I've now enabled some of these features to cut down bandwidth on some websites I run, I'd seriously recommending some time to research this humble file.

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