I honestly think Oculus Rift could be another $TSLA. Although the idea of Virtual Reality has been around for a while, it's only recently become seemingly more feasible as a mainstream technology. There are few competitors and Oculus Rift, I feel, is definitely out in-front.

I feel the same setup occurring in the VR industry to some extent, as happened in EV. EV had been around for a while, but $TSLA had the right combination of a improving on existing technology, a great looking product and an Apple'esk luster about them.

Oculus has those same qualities. Great improvements in a fairly youthful technology, a great looking product (other headsets are still clunky, very prototype looking), and potentially the first to bring it to a mass market audience.

The gaming industry is a billion dollar market and I think VR will definitely see a piece of it. Not only in gaming, but potentially other applications too.