Browsing Posts in Google

Ever wonder how some Google SERP listings have a search box included in their listing? Example: Google "" and note that their listing has a search box included.

Turns out to be pretty simple to implement; weather Google pick up on, and choose to include it is a different story :-)

Just came across this issue. It appears that Firebug v2.0 is causing conflicts with Google Maps (v3). Notable it prevents layers

ReferenceError: rd is not defined

Turns out this is a known issue and has been reported to the Firebug team. (June 11, 2014 at 2:58:19 AM). Issue #7501

It only seems to affect Google Map Layers. The actual map itself will load and correctly resolve a given LatLng object.

It just appears to be a conflict between how Google Map injects the map "layers" (markers, icons, vector, data-layers etc...) and Firebug.

Learnt something new about $GOOG today. They have a shell company, Planetary Ventures LLC that they sometimes use for real estate transactions. Turns out that NASA recently announced Planetary Ventures LLC as the preferred lessee to rehabilitate the historic NASA owned Hanger 1 in Silicon Valley.

It also turns out that Planetary Ventures (Google) back in 2011 proposed building a 57 acre campus at Stevens Creek which includes a private bridge crossing. With a name like "Planetary Ventures" and a unique relationship with NASA. It begs the question, along with Google X Labs what will we see out of Google next.

Planetary terraforming, mining. In some respects it's a little scary that so little is known about a company so big, and how wide it's operations are, but on the flip-side the technological advances to come are potentially quite exciting.