Today is an excersise in trying to get Apache 2.2.4, MySQL5 and PHP5 running in a Windows environment.

Apache 2.2.4
The first problem, unless you have a C++ compiler is locating a copy of the Apache Windows binary. After reading documentation "Using Apache with Microsoft Windows" you can find the win32 binaries here. As this is purely for development work on my laptop I've chosen the non-SSL version ( I may regret this later ! ). After specifying domain, server name and admin email address the install ran efforlessly. One point of note : Skype run's it's client service on Port 80, so you may get a binding conflict. Simply complete the Apache install. Quit Skype, start Apache and then restart your Skype client. Skype will bind to the next available port. You then should be able to browse <localhost> and receive a rather cheeky "It Works!" message.

MySQL 5.0.45
Next MySQL 5. I'm not sure which version of Apache supports MySQL 5. I'm hoping it's => 2.2.2 !  Locating downloads for MySQL is relatively straight forward and a handy windows .msi binary is provided in Community > Downloads

Execution is relatively straight forward, and with a handy configuration tool built into the MSI it's relatively straight forward to configure your database server. Download the GUI Admin Tools ( Administrator, Query Browser and System Tray Monitor ) and your well on your way !

PHP 5.2.4
Very easy to locate the Windows Binaries. installation was also a sinch. Inform the GUI that your configuring Apache 2.2.x and which additional extensions you want installed and the .msi package does the rest.

Next trick is getting everything to talk together.

Mixing it together
Nothing needed. Configuration from within the GUI .msi insured everything was up and running as expected !