Sometimes the easiest solutions are overlooked. Today was one of those instances. Having been provided an SWF file for include on a website I became rather confused as to why, using Javascript embedding code I've successfully used before, seemed to not be working. Was it a hosting restriction, mis-header information, something missing ? Nope. It turned out to simply be how the external SWF files were being called. The parent SWF and child SWF's were all contained in the same directory and the designer, as I would have also assumed, simply referenced them by filename ( no need to supply a directory, right ? ) Wrong.

As we were calling the parent SWF from a path outside of the SWF directory the parent SWF was inheriting this and looking for the child SWF's in root rather than the SWF sub-directory they were in. Solution. Reference always reference external SWF files relatively or absolute to the root URL, saves a headache and a wasted half-hour !