An interesting topic of research. As I Read More and more into building more and more Web2.0 rich applications, inevitably relying a lot on AJAX, I've been presented with some considerations.

Can Web2.0 actually harm SEO? Does it really provide a better user experience? I doubt many people would contest that "Web2.0" is the latest 'cool' factor on the web, but after coming across this article: "Why Web2.0 Developers are Search Morons" I took mild offense and began to take some time to understand the arguments SEO guru's and UI folks are presenting to developers.

Often these days it feels that my job responsibilities have changed. I am no longer a developer, but a mediator!

Web-Designers clash with UI on more and more outrageous presentations, UI folks continually pontificating what makes for a better User Experience, SEO guru's contesting the effectiveness of those wonderful Web-Designs and thus begins a circle of discussion. It really is a balancing act, to take all of this input and produce something that everyone is happy with, most importantly the user!

A few years ago developers were the sole oracle for building websites but, personally, I think this came with it's own set of problems. We're technically inclined, we like gadgets, we like it when we can asynchronously do something, sometimes our applications were built more as an exercise in technical expertise and personal challenge rather than usability. Then along came Web2.0 and alot of things changed.

As a developer though Web2.0 is cool! An ever increasing plethora of Javascript Frameworks, and more importantly browsers that support them has given us even MORE gadgets to play with. It was only a few years ago that Javascript was truly supported X-browser so a lot of today's client-side scripting would not have even been considered. Today though W3C standards are driving the internet in a common direction and helping accelerate more and more elaborate User Experience's driven by standardized technologies.

Back to the original topic though. Web2.0; more specifically AJAX and SEO. Whilst Search Engine technology is working towards being able to index Javascript content it's still in it's infancy. Developers need to be sympathetic of indexing technology that looks at more 'static' content. Much as Flash deals with SEO issues, so should we. Providing alternate SEO friendly content where needed. Providing useful feedback and meaningful methodologies for users to back out of issues when AJAX.onreadystate != 4.

These are just a few articles I've read debating various related topics and are well worth the read.