I was just sitting here watching the presentation Steve Jobs gave earlier today announcing the release of Apple's latest device in it's "i-series"; the iPad. As I sat watching a relaxed Jobs recline in a chair on stage, whizzing through one of the devices very first 'apps'; the "New York Times", whilst his every move was relayed onto a larger screen for the audience, I couldn't help but think to myself that the skeptics out there who are already doubting the need for a third category of device between laptops and PDA's could actually have it wrong.

It's not a third category, I think it will replace a category, completely redefine it. Think about it. What do most people use their laptop's for. Email and Surfing the Web. Writing content on blogs, using Facebook.

I can do all that on the iPad, why would I want to use a mouse. Even hardcore business applications such as MSOffice and specialist technology apps like lightwave and Adobe's CS suite. To be able use my finger as the mouse, to touch, to draw, to point rather than click. I think I'd rather do that. The User Interface for the iPhone/iPad is simple, intuitive. Clean; none of the extravagance typical OS's burden you with. A brilliant concept seen in Google Chrome, no bells and whistles... just web-browsing!

Our CEO mentioned two keywords in an earlier meeting this year: 'Simple' and 'Response', give the user what they want. Those words have stuck. Apple have done just that. A simple device that delivers response. No fluff! I honestly think that good, well designed tablet devices will replace the laptop. That's my theory anyway!