Well, I came across this one at the weekend. Adobe released Ver. 9 of the Adobe Flash Player. I'd been working on my embed_flash.js script file to automatically embed Flash files. It mean't some tweaking around with the DetectFlashVer and GetSwfVer functions. Basically what it does is detect which version of Flash Player you have installed and if it isn't the right one, or you don't have it installed it fails gracefully and asks you to install the latest version with a nice logo and link.

Anyway. I turned off the Flash Player plugin in IE just to test the script, worked beautifully. I re-enabled it and everything fell to pieces, it wouldn't detect Flash at all ! Even conair.com's Flash piece didn't work.

Worried that my JavaScript was no longer compatible with Adobe's latest Flash Player I did some reading. Turns out it was just my IE7 that had corrupted the Flash plug-in.

Solution Add Remove Programs > Uninstall. Then Re-install.