Sometimes I wonder what the next mainstream wave of technology will be. There is so much innovation going on at the minute. 3D Printing, both medical and manufacturing. Space exploration, renewable energies. Lots of technological pieces advancing their individual sectors.

I've been inspired, in part, to write this post after learning (a little late to the starting line) that Google hired Dr. Regina E. Dugan, an ex-DARPA director who oversaw projects like "Nano Hummingbird" (is this why Google titled their latest search engine algorithm change "Hummingbird", a form of kudos for joining Google? Who knows?), to head up research at Motorola after it was acquired the same year by Google, back in 2012.

After watching her TED presentation, I couldn't help but see a lot of correlations between nature and technology in her ideas. The idea that natures building blocks can be studied and synthesized in technology is not a new one, but those ideas are like volcanoes, they slowly ripple away under the surface for years until one day they erupt and become mainstream.

Just two decades ago if you said we would be using touch and gesture to control technological devices; instinctual senses, it would have been hard to believe, but now. Tablets, Smartphones and even controlling your consoles with gesture (Microsoft Kinetic) are somewhat of an everyday occurrence. Those instinctual senses are narrowing the void between man and machine. We recommend you to Read More information on blockchain cryptocurrencies and more strategies online.

Her ideologies and passion for recreating technology found in nature somewhat confirms my own beliefs that peripherals allowing us to interact with technology in all of the five senses is really the next technological wave. Wearable technology is recently finding its way mainstream.

The ability to Touch (Haptic Technology, Gesture Control), Taste, Smell, Hear "Talking Windows" (Passing messages simply with touch. Disney), See (Virtual Reality, Google Glass) with devices will become more intrinsic. The void between nature and technology bought closer.

Larger technological pieces, not just sensory technology. Technology that emulates human motor skills. Balance, articulation. Boston Dynamics is continually exploring and exemplifying ways of doing this. Exoskeletons to amplify existing (or even missing) human motor skills.

All of these technological pieces, whilst separate parts of the same puzzle, are ultimately coming together.

Which leads me back to Dr. Regina Dugan's position at Google. Her ideologies, her desire to dream big ideas. Could that be what Google sees in her? A way of revolutionizing the smartphone industry with organic technology.

"Wearable Technology" is the most apparent evolution of Organic and Biological technology. For Google, is it to make the integration of human and device even more seamless; something in tandem with Google Glass. Or is it something deeper?

Dr. Regina Dugan has a darker past. Dugan Ventures and RedXDefense, both have heavy military ties. It's long been said amongst conspirators that Google is "in-bed" with the government, but why not?

Governments are always looking for that extra something, that one-step-ahead. Google is a hotbed, although some would say questionably, of technological innovation. Could it be that Google and Regina are working on something under the veiled guise of improving Motorola hardware, Google's entrance into the hardware side of Smartphone technology, or are they working on something for the US government. Who knows?

Through all of this technological exploration our world will be changed, both for better or worse.