I was browsing through the PHP documentation the other day, looking for something to recursively search multi-dimensional arrays and came across something that fit the purpose wonderfully! Listed amongst the function reference was PHP's SPL (Standard PHP Library) and a bunch of really useful Iterators, including the RecursiveArrayIterator class. This got me looking at PHP's Other Basic Extensions and amongst them Maxminds GeoIP ! You learn something new everyday! This page is just a collection of random links and information regarding some of the smaller nuance's I find in PHP.

  • Ever wondered about these? <?= 'something'; ?> PHP's "Short Open Tags" First you need to check they're enabled in php.ini, but then you can start escaping PHP, ASP style. In fact you can even escape PHP USING ASP tags!
  • My favorite constant PHP_EOL; PHP E.nd O.f L.ine a nifty, cross-platform, replacement for "\n";
  • Ever wonder what the tilde is error_reporting(E_ALL & ˜E_NOTICE); - bitwise masking operators. In this example report ALL errors EXCEPT E_NOTICE
  • PHP Variable Scope
  • Paamayim Nekudotayim

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