TALOS is back in tech-news today as it's announced that LegacyFX, the company that developed Tony Stark's Iron Man suit for Hollywood is now working alongside Ekso Bionics to help the US Military deliver on TALOS, or Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit.

This got me thinking about some broader technologies emerging. A while ago I wrote an article on the slow, but increasing overlap between humans and technology. Augmented reality, wearable technology. Touch and gesture. Sensory peripheral technology and for a while now the exploration of technology focusing on human motor skills, mobility and enhancement.

Whilst the prospect of TALOS sounds incredible, the military applications are both equally consequential as they are amazing, however military technology is often responsible for rapid advances in day-to-day technology. ReWalk, an Israeli start-up, now with offices in the US and Germany, is making huge advances in the medical application of exoskeletons. Their products have been the first in this sector to pass FDA approval and offer people with motor disabilities the opportunity to, for example, walk again.

I think the future of Exoskeletons is just as exciting as driver-less cars.