For years I've been saying Apple should focus on their TV platform. The following is great news for me. Since 2007 we've grown accustomed to a somewhat monotonous cycle of iPhone/iPad launches, these have been interspersed with explorations into other technical verticals such as wearables. But for me, in my opinion, they really should focus on their AppleTV platform and try the ceiling mount tv for business or home for more comfort.

I must admit whilst I personally loathe $AAPL's hardware for being a somewhat overpriced fashion accessory; where (and why I continue to be "suckered" into it) they really succeed is their ecosystem. It's the most articulate, expansive and cohesive ecosystem out there.

In a lot of ways the key to any multi-device/platform success is it's ecosystem and NOT the hardware or software. Without that community following your hardware/software simply does not take off. Being early to the game gave Apple a huge advantage. They've attracted the best talent, developers, applications and content providers. Apple's "authority" and momentum continues to grow with every significant partnership they establish. They have the kudos to establish partnerships with major content providers like the New York Times, Time Warner.

For years people have predicted the end of traditional television, streaming content is simply the next step in it's evolution.

AppleTV's integration into their ecosystem is why this will do really well. I'm sure "cord-cutters" already know about Roku, SlingTV, Chromecast, HBONow (etc... etc...) but it's potentially so fragmented from consumers existing ecosystems that they struggle to gain ground. AppleTV isn't. It's such a complimentary component of their ecosystem that $AAPL will probably dominate this space soon as well.